Our clients’ work

We support our clients to express themselves in a range of ways. Reclaiming their voices can be crucial to overcoming traumatic experiences. Our Ambassadorship Programme supports clients to tell their own stories in their own words, helping the local community to better understand the life journeys of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants.

Our Art and Writing Group and Choir also support clients to express themselves in a range of ways. This area of the website is a space to share the beautiful, creative, sometimes challenging work that our clients have created.

We are delighted to showcase some Choir members performing with the local Songworks Choir here, including a beautiful African song, chosen by our members.

As well as the art displayed above, the Art and Writing Group work together to create poems that reflect the discussions and creativity of each class. We share some of these with you here:

Pleasant Place

Painting Water

Essence of Welcome

One River