English Lessons

We have been teaching English to refugees at our centre in Islington for since 1997 and we are passionate about giving people the chance to learn English, be part of a community, access education and begin to fulfil their potential.

Our highly experienced English teachers offer 23 free online English classes throughout the week including English at two levels, conversation classes and English community/citizenship classes. We also offer classes through our partners at Speak Street. To find out more about Speak Street please visit their website: https://speak-street.com/

Why the work is important

There is a severe shortage of English classes, particularly for destitute asylum seekers, who are not able to access the limited free provision, and who cannot afford fees.

English language acquisition is key to enabling asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants to fully integrate. Without English, our clients find it hard to communicate, make friends or access the help they are looking for to become independent.

“Attending the English class has helped me improve my English so that I no longer need an interpreter. Now I can do everything for myself, for example communicating with my solicitor”

Lottery Funding

We are very grateful to the National Lottery for funding us for three years so that we may continue and expand our online school of English. Our online model means we will reach more people.