Support our work

If you are considering supporting us, thank you. We rely entirely on donations – without people like you helping us, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do. Your generosity makes it all possible.

The people who come to us have been through the toughest of times. Leaving your home because of war, persecution, violation or torture takes courage and determination. When people come to us they find a unique international community and the chance to feel human again. 

To find out more about our clients’ stories, and how the Centre has helped them, please click here.

“The Centre is important to me mainly for the support I get in this place, and when I say support I mean emotional, financial, sharing ideas and community relationship.”


  1. Donate online here
  2. Donate by cheque or bank transfer: Donations – Information for Donors
  3. Host a fundraising event for us, please contact

If you would like to donate in another way, and claim Gift Aid – or even to claim Gift Aid on past donations – you can do so through our easy online form here. Gift Aid adds 25p to every pound donated – and every little helps!

If you have any questions, or would like to explore other ways to support us, please contact Anna at


Your generous support is crucial to enable some of the most vulnerable members of our community to rebuild their lives:

£1000 will pay for all of the centre’s work for one day

£100 will pay for a full day of our Support Service, refugees and asylum seekers come to our Support Service for help with housing, accessing healthcare, advice on where to go for help with immigration law and so much more.

£75 will pay for an online English class for 30 asylum seekers and refugees

£50 will pay for a therapeutic arts and writing session for 20 asylum seekers and refugees

£40 will pay for a support package for food, travel and mobile top-ups for two weeks. We send these every fortnight to 90 asylum seekers with no access to financial support

Please consider committing to a regular donation. Regular donations, no matter how small, enable us to plan for the future which is so important in these unprecedented times. Regular donations can be set up in 5 minutes through our online donation page, which automatically increases the value of donations through collecting Gift Aid.

We’re always on the lookout for specific items that some of our individual clients particularly need.

At the moment we’re looking for:

  • Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops (all areas)
  • Toiletries and Sanitary Products (all areas)
  • Unused, new masks. Masks can be disposable or reusable (all areas)
  • Tabletop stove and kettle (all areas)
  • Supermarket vouchers or Supermarket e-Gift Cards (all areas)

Unfortunately we are unable to accept donations of clothes due to limited storage space at the Centre.

If you’re London-based and able to deliver somewhere local to you, please do get in touch at Thank you!