Our mission

We welcome people who have been displaced from their countries of origin, wherever they have come from, whatever has happened in their lives.  Our mission is to offer people the emotional support, practical tools and sense of community they need to build a decent, happy life in the UK.

The refugees and migrants who come to us have been through extremely difficult times.  Leaving your country because of war, persecution or incarceration takes real grit, determination and courage.  But for many, arriving in London is just the beginning of a long journey towards settled status and a decent life. 

At the Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants, we welcome people, talk with them, listen to what they need and respond to that. Whether someone tells us they need English lessons, advice on housing, accessing healthcare, applying to college or any of the many challenges of being a migrant in London – we are here for them.

What we offer:  

We work with people over the long term giving intensive, holistic support for at least a year, often much longer. Our approach is to show kindness and treat all people with dignity and respect. We offer:

  • Free, high quality English lessons
  • A Support Service to help people overcome practical difficulties
  • Support packages for destitute asylum seekers
  • Activities for physical wellbeing including gym, yoga and more 
  • Art, writing and choir which offer a safe space to enjoy art and share experiences 
  • Digital inclusion – help to access the internet and help with digital credit
  • A warm welcome and a friendly community where everyone is valued

From September 2021 we are offering a hybrid of services, operating both online and in person at our Centre in Islington. 

We are excited to have recently launched additional online English classes funded by the National Lottery.  These new classes are open to everyone who wants to join us, including recently arrived Afghan Nationals.  For more information on these classes please email: info.islingtoncentre@gmail.com

Who funds us: 

We rely entirely on donations and could not do our work without the generosity of individual donors and the organisations we partner with. We always welcome the opportunity to work with organisations which share our aims of offering kindness, dignity and practical help to refugees and migrants who have fled some of the world’s worst atrocities seeking asylum.

We are supported by The National Lottery, Comic Relief, Cloudesley, the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Macquarie Group International and many more.  For a full list please visit: https://islingtoncentre.co.uk/support-our-work/our-supporters/