Important Forms

Here you can find useful resources to support you in your work with the Centre. If you have any questions about any of these resources, or your wider work, get in touch with us at

Please complete the Volunteer Application Form and the Safeguarding Code of Conduct form below. If you have any questions about the forms, please contact us here.

Volunteer Registration Form

Safeguarding Code of Conduct

Ensuring the safety and dignity of our clients is crucial. Find detailed information about our safeguarding policies and practice here. Our Safeguarding Code of Conduct is the starting point for all our work with our clients. If you would like refresher training, or a discussion, about any aspect of safeguarding, please speak to Farida, our Safeguarding Lead Officer.

Safeguarding Policy Statement
Safeguarding – Guidance on Recognising Abuse, Issues and Concerns
Safeguarding Code of Conduct
Whistleblowing Policy

Client permissions
A key part of safeguarding is ensuring that we receive informed consent from our clients before we share any of their work, or photographs of them. We have created a form to ensure that clients have full control over how pictures or videos of them, or any work they have created, are shared. Before sharing any images, please download the form below, and go through it with any client affected. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Content and photo permission form

We are using Zoom to deliver all of our sessions whilst we work remotely. If you have any questions or problems whilst using Zoom please contact Shannon at