Joseph’s Joy

We spoke to our client, Joseph, about his experience attending the Centre.

I would like to use this opportunity to show my appreciation and gratitude to Islington Centre for the help and support I have been receiving from you, the staff, and volunteers at the Centre over the years.

Honestly, I don’t know what would have become of me if it wasn’t for the financial; education and immigration advice; mental wellbeing support; and other proactive group activities, including an open-door policy by Islington Centre for all refugees and migrants.

Islington Centre has been a coping mechanism for my mental health and wellbeing, due to the Home Office’s harsh and inhumane immigration policies, which create a hostile environment targeted at Refugees and Migrants.

The biweekly support package (£39) I received from Islington Centre has been a life saver that has saved me from depression and mental breakdown. This warm gesture has been very helpful, and it enables me to buy essential groceries, phone top-ups, and travel to GP appointments. Because of my immigration status, I have No Recourse to Public Funds, and I’m not allowed to work.

I also want to thank Islington Centre for helping me gain admission into college to improve my IT Skills (ICDL), develop new intrapersonal Skills, and increase my confidence level.

The Islington Centre has been a solid bed of rock of support for me and indeed many other clients that shared the same lived experience as me. With that, I’d like to say a big thank you to all the benevolent staff, volunteers, and, of course, this could never have happened without the warm, kind-hearted generosity of esteemed fundraisers, Trustees, and financial contributors.

Because you cared, refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers were able to weather the storm of a hostile environment.