Alex’s Bike Project

As an official Referral Partner of The Bike Project, which refurbishes second-hand bikes and donates them to refugees and asylum seekers, we are always glad when members of our community are empowered and inspired by their new mode of transport. We spoke to our client, Alex, about his new bike – and how it has already made an impact on his daily life.

Not long after receiving his bike, he was already riding it through the streets and lanes of London, visiting new parts of the city. He proudly tells us of all of the opportunities that have been opened up.

The bike, he beams, has improved his standard of living. He uses it to travel to work, do his weekly shopping, attend face-to-face English classes, and even exercise.

“I can get to places faster, I save money on the bus and tube, and I can take pictures of the countless landscapes of London,” he says. “My kids will learn to ride a bike and go to school by bike next year.”

A photo, taken by our client, at the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

Excitedly sending us the above photo of his bike in action, during a visit to Greenwich Park, he relayed his thanks to the Project Bike team, who he says were “kind and friendly” throughout the process. 

“The best thing about cycling is the feeling of freedom,” he adds, “feeling the wind in your face and doing a pleasant physical activity.”