Patrick’s job  

Congratulations to Patrick for finding a job at a gym in south London as a cleaner. A former journalist in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Patrick has taken the cleaning job as a way to support himself and his family.   Patrick's two nephews, aged eight and six, lost their parents in 2015 and are … Continue reading Patrick’s job  

Vlad’s Volunteering

Vlad thinks that volunteering has many benefits both personally and for the community. He is very dedicated to his volunteering roles and most recently he has volunteered his time at the Emirates Stadium vaccination site. Vlad also volunteers at the Friday Club Soup Kitchen and he is an NHS blood donor.  Speaking on his experience … Continue reading Vlad’s Volunteering

Sandra’s Reading

Sandra was asked to read a section of Swallow’s Kiss by Sita Brahmachari and Jane Ray. Sandra reads beautifully and is a natural storyteller, to see her reading please watch the video below. The reading is also available on the National Literacy Trust’s website.