Wellbeing activities

“The Centre is a place where I am treated like a human being”

It can be a huge struggle for our clients to maintain their emotional and physical wellbeing in the face of poverty, homelessness, isolation, mental distress and prejudice. Having a place to call home, where they can access activities and support to improve their physical and emotional health is crucial to their wellbeing. 

ICRM4We operate a safe, welcoming space that is open to all comers, based on principles of support and mutual respect. We believe in supporting the whole person, attending to emotional, physical, social and intellectual wellbeing.

“To me, this centre is like a family home, because when I come here every day I feel relax”

We support clients to improve their physical wellbeing, providing monthly healthchecks, supporting access to health services and through exercise and sports activities, such as yoga. Clients are able to access food and clothing, as well as donations of toiletries and sanitary protection. Many of our clients arrive at the Centre hungry, and each day we provide food and hot drinks to everyone who needs them. For some clients, this is the only time that they will eat that day.


To support improved emotional wellbeing, clients are welcomed to our inclusive space, where our staff and volunteers are there to provide a listening ear, and where social networks can be developed through our social time and group activities. Clients can access pastoral support through our Support Service and are assisted to access and engage with specialist therapies where necessary. Workshops and activities can help clients to safely explore their past experiences and develop hope for the future.

At the Centre, every aspect of our work is geared towards helping some of the most vulnerable members of the community to overcome their problems and develop improved physical and emotional wellbeing. Providing a safe, welcoming space that meets clear needs is often the first step towards meaningful, positive change in our clients’ lives. 

“I’m alone, but in the Centre I have friends”