Essence of Welcome

Essence of Welcome Web1

Smells of the Congo forest
My Grandfather’s garden in Iran
Mountain herbs of Greece and Italy
Flora of Siberian Spring
Cooking pots of Turkey and Algeria
Flowering fruit of Ivory Coast
Jasmine arbours of a Kolkata balcony
Frankincense of ancient altars
Mediterranean heat on oregano, lavender, thyme
Evening walk
Herb scented soles
Scent of peace
Eyes closing on pain
Soothing words in my language
Touch of my hand
Heart beat slows
Shoulders soften
Sense- memory stirred
Bringing me back to
My artist hands
My carpenters hands
My writer’s hands
My trumpeter’s hands
My grandmother’s cooking pot
My hands that held my children
Held in yours
Now cared for
Softened,  smoothed and scented In oils
I can find my own scent
Two drops of rose oil bubble on the surface
Then sink to the bottom of the carrier oil
I watch its slow journey
Then shake the small bottle
A gift for me to take
Colour is diluted but not the scent
The sense of home
I take away with me this rich perfume
This precious gift
I name it
‘ Essence of welcome’