Max’s Photography

We are so proud of our client, Max, who has been awarded a prestigious scholarship by Accumulate, an organisation that works with those affected by homelessness to enable them to develop skills in photography. His prize-winning photographs are on display at King’s Place until 15th June 2018 as part of the Accumulate ‘Displacement’ exhibition. If you can’t make it down to the exhibition itself, you can see art from the show, including more of Max’s work, here:

Max tells us about the project, and how photography makes him feel:

“I have learnt about life. We are able to see with our own eyes, but with photography we can see things differently. We can see things with another eye. This project has taught me about photography and how it is an art. The world is beautiful, just take your camera and take some pictures and you are going to see that ugly doesn’t always make sense.  You can always find some light of hope when life seems to be without it, hope can’t be completely empty.”


One of Max’s prize-winning photos