Our clients’ stories

Web4The Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants currently supports around 170 asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants each year. Our clients are among the most disadvantaged, isolated and vulnerable people in London. Having fled persecution, human rights abuses, they are at risk of destitution, detention, and removal to the situation they fled.

“This place for me is like home. I feel happy when I come here. I meet different people, we share our problems, and forget the past. At the centre we are treated like equals.”

95% of our asylum seeker clients have no recourse to public funds, and are destitute and homeless, reliant solely on the community for support. Even those able to claim asylum support must get by on £36 per week. The psychological toll of waiting for a decision on an asylum claim can be overwhelming, and a negative decision, devastating. Lack of access to opportunities to learn English severely hamper integration and contribute to isolation and mental distress. 

Even in the midst of deprivation, isolation, and emotional distress, our clients ensure that our Centre is a welcoming space, where everyone can support each to taking meaningful steps to rebuilding their shattered lives.

ICRM3We are very proud of every member of our diverse and supportive community. We are proud of their commitment to overcoming their problems, and their desire to become active members of wider society.



“The centre is our family, our bridge and connection to the community”

We are currently working with members of our communities to tell their stories – when we have completed this project, we will share these stories here.