Patrick’s job  

Congratulations to Patrick for finding a job at a gym in south London as a cleaner.

A former journalist in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Patrick has taken the cleaning job as a way to support himself and his family.  

Patrick’s two nephews, aged eight and six, lost their parents in 2015 and are now cared for by Patrick’s girlfriend in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and supported by him.  

‘I am tired every day, but I don’t care about that.  I need to raise money. My brother passed away and I am taking care of his children. They are my boys now.

‘That is why I am working, so I can call them to come here.  I want to be like a family. To give them everything they want, a family, a real family.’

Patrick says he loves living in the UK because the UK gave him an opportunity to rebuild his life when the worst happened in his own country.