Wellbeing activities

For our client group, who can struggle to maintain their emotional health and self-respect in the face of poverty, homelessness, mental distress and prejudice, having a place to call home is crucial to their wellbeing. Many of them have left their families and friends in their countries of origin, and are isolated and lonely.

“I taste the kindness of the people who make the food – I mean it is not just food, it is something that belongs to our soul”

ICRM4We operate a safe, welcoming space that is open to all comers, based on principles of support and mutual respect. It is a place to make and meet friends, and relax with hot drinks and food, in comfort; for some clients, it is the only meal they will have that day.



“To me, this centre is like a family home, because when I come here every day I feel relax”

Clients can access clothes, toiletries, and food to take away with them. We support them through relatively small, yet meaningful, services, such as access to a hairdresser, to ensure that our clients are able to maintain their dignity and autonomy even in difficult circumstances. Our knitting group enables people to come together to relax and create.

“The Centre is a place where I am treated like a human being”

We enable them to take care of their health, through exercise and sports activities, such as Pilates, as well as access to healthcare professionals and mindfulness activities.ICRM6

“I’m alone, but in the Centre I have friends”

We organise social events and excursions, so clients can see the best of their new city, and begin to become part of our wider community, building the social networks that are crucial to wellbeing.