Support service

“I am suffering from depression from the past experiences in my country. [In London] I used to sleep on the street, bus, more than two years on the streets of London. The only place for support I have is the Islington Centre. Without the help of the Centre it would have been very difficult to improve myself in all terms of my life.”

Our Support Service is vital to enabling our clients to overcome their multiple, severe, and complex problems in order to rebuild their lives in safety and security in the heart of the community.

“Asylum seekers and refugees find living in the UK too hard, because we don’t have ID, we don’t have a job, and we don’t speak English – there is always someone [at the Centre] to help us with our problems.”

We are able to work with 15 clients every week. Our Support Service helps clients with issues including:

  • Accessing appropriate financial support, including resolving issues around debt
  • Resolving issues around accommodation, including securing emergency accommodation for street homeless clients
  • Working with a range of organisations to help clients resolve problems with successfully claiming asylum and secure immigration status
  • Supporting clients to access healthcare, including counselling, and supporting them through this process
  • Supporting clients to access education, employment, and training opportunities
  • Making emergency grants to destitute clients

As a result of our work:

  • 73% of clients stated that they feel emotionally stronger after a year with us

  • 70% feel they are making progress with their lives

  • 61% feel that they have achieved some of their goals,

  • and 65% feel happier.