Crisis support

Friendship 1All of our clients experience additional vulnerabilities, due to their experiences as asylum seekers, refugees, and vulnerable migrants, navigating a complex asylum system. Our destitute clients, have to cope, every day, with insecure housing or street homelessness, severe poverty, issues accessing food, and worry that they may be detained or returned to the situation they fled; these issues in turn impact upon psychological health, sometimes creating a vicious circle of deterioration.

“As refugees we are stuck always in our life process in the UK. The centre helps us to find a solution for our problems, helps us to light the dark moments”

We are able to support our clients in crisis through our holistic model of support: meeting their immediate needs for hunger and shelter, while supporting them emotionally. We make grants, disburse donations in kind of food, clothing, and toiletries, and work, including in partnership, to support clients to access accommodation, overcome issues accessing financial support, and successfully resolve issues in successfully claiming asylum.