Jonathan’s Gift

Jonathan updates us on his progress

The completed architectural model

Jonathan has been attending the Islington Centre for some years. Our work with Jonathan has supported him to develop his interests in art and architecture. We gave him a grant to purchase some materials for a project he was developing and he returned with a gift for the Centre; a model of a bigger, and better Centre. Here, he explains why he undertook this work over many months:



“This is my donation to Islington Centre to my goals for the future. Islington Centre helps everyone who is seeking for help in the past, present and I believe in the future and they deserve to have bigger space to welcome more and next refugees, so they will be happy and live a reasonable life in that building. And also…kid and adults can have a better education because in the next building, they have all they want in there, and plus, they will very welcoming. I can manage to do a lot of things because of Islington Centre but love to do more if we have this space I have created. My name is ……. Jonathan Ashandi.”