Art and Writing Class (January – April 2021)

Art and Writing Hearth is run by Jane Ray, Sita Brahmachari and Ros Asquith on Tuesdays at 3pm.

This term each week we choose a different colour of the rainbow. Come to the art and writing hearth each week and wear or bring something of the colours of the rainbow.

Be inspired by the art, song, poems and conversation


Art by Jane Ray

Study 1: Red Poppy by Jane Ray

Red Poppy
Jane paints red petals
shades and blends
her artist’s hands move before us as we share ideas around the symbolism of the Poppy
for those fallen in war
for remembrance
delicate fingers paint papery petals
planted on this page
a poppy grows

Communal Poem: Red Horse

The red horse 
flies through our dreams
through fire
over stone and boulders
or are those clouds that Its hooves ride through?
The Red Horse is Pegasus
of Greek legend
a magical horse that inspires
the spirit of adventure
In its wings and its flying mane and tail
It breathes the fire of grace and passion

Art by Ros Asquith
Art by Ros Asquith

Study 2: Giving titles to Red paintings by artist Ros Asquith

Our Hearth is often humorous
There is laughter and conversation
As we contemplate titles
Share stories and anecdotes 
What title would you give these paintings?
A red land is an angry land
Angry sun reflection
Under the glare of an angry sun
Never any peace
The family were never calm
Every war is the result of anger
The world grows more angry
Social Media red
We’ve always had anger
Everyone is dangerous
Brother in the World
Everyone’s Brexit!
Everyone’s so happy today?
Human relations nowadays
Led by Donkeys
Outside the family portrait
Peace and Quiet
Opposite of this hearth

This week our Red still life contained
A red flower
A pepper
Red chillies
Red beads
Red art 
Roaming to red symbolism 
traffic lights
In our imaginations
tasting the fruits of summer in January
as we watched a beautiful poppy grow before our eyes
and gathered around an imaginary, January fire!

Below are the images and poems that inspired our work.

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