Accessing our services

The Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants aims to work with all asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants that need our help. The focus of our work is to support people to make meaningful change at times of transition in their lives, and this requires commitment on both sides.

While we are open to all asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants who wish to attend, the Centre is not a drop-in centre or one-stop shop. We ask that all people who wish to attend the Centre register as clients on their first day, and commit to attending as regularly as they can.

In particular, our Crisis Support and Support Service are under a lot of pressure to meet the complex and severe needs of our clients, and are only open to clients who regularly attend the Centre.

Please note, if you are/are supporting a child or young person who is an asylum seeker, refugee, or migrant, it may be better to contact a specialist service such as Young Roots.

If you wish to get in touch please click here for our contact page.

If you, or someone you know, needs to access drop-in services, or urgent financial assistance,  the following services may be of help: