About Us

The people who come to us have been through extremely difficult times.  Leaving your country because of war, persecution or torture takes real grit, determination and courage.  But for many, arriving in London is just the beginning of a long journey towards settled status and a decent life. 

At the Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants, our approach is not political or institutional but individual, compassionate and human.  We welcome people in, listen to what they need and respond to that. Whether someone needs English lessons, advice on housing, healthcare, or support with any of the many challenges of being a migrant in London – we are here for them.

Our services:

We work with people over the long term giving intensive, holistic support for at least a year, often much longer.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have undertaken a huge digital inclusion programme to help people with the skills and equipment they need to feel confident going online.  Now, we offer a hybrid service, with many classes and groups online alongside the warm welcome and sense of community at our Centre in Islington. 

People registered with us have access to:

A warm welcome at our physical Centre

English language lessons

A Support Service

Support Packages (for Asylum Seekers)

Activities for physical wellbeing

A range of activities including:

Art and Writing, Choir

Digital inclusion

The Future

We are small but in response to Covid, we have adapted and grown.  Now, we know that we need to grow further if we are going to meet the demands on us – in January 2022 we expanded to bring in 30 people from our waiting list.

We know that more new people will follow and, thanks to the confidence of our funders who have put their trust in us, we are able to plan to grow steadily in the years ahead.