English language classes (ESOL)


Communication is one of the biggest barriers many refugees face.

We aim to meet our student's needs through developing their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, supported by work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

We see the impact each lesson makes as student's confidence builds and they are able to communicate more about their life in the UK. We see students forge lasting relationships inside and outside class, and pass nationally-recognised English Assessments that progress their career path.

"ESOL classes have helped me to improve my English so that I no longer need an interpreter, now I can do everything myself, for example, communicating with my solicitor and communicating with many friends." Student

English (650x365)

We take a learner-centred approach, adapting each lesson to student's needs. Our beginner classes are designed to teach and encourage students to participate in polite conversation, how to shop at the market or local supermarket, talk to their children's teachers, and describe symptoms to their doctor. A class might begin with matching words with pictures, then word drills, pronunciation, and teaching phrases. We’ve been known to sit students back-to-back, using bananas as phones to practice role plays. A bit mad, but it's fun, and it works!

It's a delight to teach people from a variety of countries and cultures, all of whom are eager to learn and keen to integrate to make living in London, often under very difficult circumstances, that bit easier.

The Centre offers ESOL A and ESOL B classes free to asylum seekers and refugees. When you visit please bring ID (passport, ARC card, Home Office documents, etc) and if you are in receipt of benefits, please bring proof (letter from the Job Centre, NASS or the DWP).

"Attending ESOL has helped me communicate with others, learn and discover new words, go to university and work." Student

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