Art and Writing classes

Our workshops aim to develop people’s language and self-expression through art, conversation and writing in an imaginative and creative way.

We focus on universal themes such as landscape, belonging, sense of home, the human mind and body, journeys, family and community. The starting point could be a painted images or an object such as an eye, a foot, a flower, or a shell. Group members respond in language to the images with their own observations, experiences and stories.

"I'm alone but in the Centre I have friends. I'm an artist, I have no materials, but there are materials at the Centre. In my country figurative art, music, dance is forbidden, but at the Centre and in London, in England, I can have art, music, dance.Thanks England. Thanks Islington Centre." Student

Art close up2 (225x300)

The group leaders are Sita, a writer, and Jane, an illustrator. Jane offers the group a range of artist’s materials to work with. As they draw and paint conversation takes place about what people are expressing artistically. Sita engages individuals in conversations about their work and helps them articulate what is being explored through symbol and image.

Sometimes writing is read, words are shared in conversation and as communal poems. Writing and art work are kept for private reflection in a folder or patchwork pocket that grows each week.

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Coming soon in 2016: Exhibition of the Art and Writing group’s work at Amnesty International UK

"A student showed us his magical photographs and said; “In art you can find a space to 'tell', to find yourself and lose yourself.”
Sita Brahmachari, Art and Writing class session lead

"I love it when a student becomes quietly absorbed in their work, and there is feeling of peaceful concentration."
Jane Ray, Art and Writing class session lead

Art flowers1 (650x364)

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